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Hot Stuff in the FHIR House

The FHIR House

11.23.21 HL7 Terminology Home Page

11.2.21: Patient Access API Compliance Report

10.28.21: CARIN – Arcweb UX Guide

9/18/21: Where is My Medical Record?

8/17/21: ONC’s new data tab

7/15/21: MyHealthApplication Site (CARIN Alliance)

1/26/21: Pew Report: Standard Technology Presents Opportunities for Medical Record Data Extraction

7/9/21: ONC USCDI Version 2


6/21/21: CMS FAQs on Interoperability

5/4/21: HL7 Courses

4/22/21: FHIR Primers from ONC

2/14/21: Information Blocking Resource Center

1/4/2021: Here are new resources from ONC for 2020 Final ONC Interoperability Rule Readiness

1/9/21: HL7 FHIR Proficiency Certificate Study Guide

Here is a list of FHIR Projects.

Here is a list of FHIR test servers.

Here is another list of FHIR test servers

ONC Interoperability Proving Ground

Click here for Regulations of Note

NIH Value Set Authority Center (“VSAC”)

CARIN Alliance Vision & Dental Confluence Page

SMART on FHIR Implementation Guide

HL7 FHIR Home Page

HL7 Clinical Quality Language (CQL)

CMS EMR Incentive Program – Public Use Files

CMS ID Reverse Lookup (if you have an EMR Certification Number – you can find out the product and vendor here).

ONC Certified Health IT Product List

CARIN BB Implementation Guide

US CORE Implementation Guide

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