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Query with Option for Multiple Selections

The search below allows you to select multiple Companies, States, and Tags in an “OR” search. For example: you can have a search that will return “Company A” OR “Company B”, etc. – AND – State A OR State B, etc. – AND Tag A OR Tag B, etc.

To make multiple selections in one of the three fields (e.g. Company, State or Tag) – simply hold down the Control (CTRL) Key on your PC while you choose your search terms for a field (e.g. “New York”, “California”, “Illinois”).

NOTE: the Category field below is currently under development. I recommend you ignore this for now.

API #f8542

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“AND” Tag Search

API #e82d7

Company Search

API #69b1db

You can search the company table below.

Beta Test Our Health Research Chatbot powered by GPT

Note: this chatbot is not integrated with the C.R.A.P. database (although we hope to implement an AI powered “natural language” C.R.A.P. bot in 2024. In the meantime – feel free to try out this GPT for Health Industry Research.